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Hello, and welcome.

So your online profile is building, you’ve got a following that enjoys your content. You may have even had a few enquiries to purchase one of your lovely images. But where do you begin? Sure, you can do this as a one off. But how much do you charge? Where do I get it printed? What about a frame? How do I deliver it to them? What if there’s a problem? What if they want more?

It’s overwhelming. It’s daunting. But it’s also inspiring.

Someone out there wants your work, there should be no greater compliment.

Now the fun part, how do we execute this and make it into something we can continue to build? You’re obviously here because this is something that interests you. I don’t blame you.

I’ve spent the past couple of years testing and experimenting. Many, many months spent in Melbourne’s lockdown allowed me to dedicate a considerable portion of my life to perfecting the business model I’m about to share with you now. I’ve made mistakes. And plenty of them for a fact. But hopefully with my knowledge and guidance we can all aim to improve ourselves and keep the mistakes to a minimum.

Take my learning experiences to build on what you know and use the knowledge I’ve picked up along the way to have now provided 350+ pieces of artwork and products to my loyal fans across over 200 orders.

Join me on this journey and I’ll take you through all of the following:

  1. Starting up
    • Considerations to take into account
    • Money and Tax obligations
    • Sourcing printing and framing
  2. Building
    • Growing your presence
    • Creating a website
    • Building your delivery network
  3. Launching
    • Checklist to prepare for LAUNCH
    • Bringing your website live
    • Expectations from your audience and yourself
  4. Maintaining 
    • Customer service tips and keeping customers happy
    • Advertising to build on your launch
  5. Troubleshooting
    • What to do when something goes wrong
    • Customer service tips to deal with these issues
  6. Growing
    • Where to next?
    • Expanding into local markets
    • Can I help launch additional products?
    • Let me help you get more products to market.

As you can see, there’s plenty to learn and absorb. Come along for the ride, and don’t forget that I’m more than happy to arrange for a one on one consultation and discuss anything in general. All my course subscribers can receive 25% off my one on one lessons with code STUDENT at checkout.

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