Exposed: The Shocking Truth Behind Instagram’s $24 Blue Tick – Is It Worth the Hype? ✅

Dive into a comprehensive one-month analysis of Instagram’s new paid verification tier, and discover its impact on engagement, reach, followers, and post interactions.

Instagram has recently rolled out a new paid verification tier, promising increased engagement for those who opt for it. Eager to test its effectiveness, I compared 30 days of paid verification to the previous 30 days with the same usage. In this blog post, I’ll summarise the data and leave it up to you, the reader, to decide if the $24 investment for the coveted blue tick is worth it or not.

  1. Account Engagement: The Surprising Dip

During the test month with paid verification, I found that 730 accounts engaged with my content, which was down 23% from the previous month. This result was unexpected, as Instagram had noted that engagement for paid verified accounts would be increased. It’s essential to take note of such declines when evaluating the effectiveness of new features.

  1. Reach: A Notable Decrease

In terms of account reach, I observed a decrease of 36.6%, with 8,227 accounts reached this month compared to the previous month. Out of these accounts, 7,073 were non-followers. In comparison, the previous month saw 12,200 accounts reached, of which 10,800 were non-followers. This data indicates that the new paid verification tier did not have a positive impact on the overall reach of my content.

  1. Follower Growth: A Slight Uptick

Despite the decline in engagement and reach, I saw a 4% increase in total followers this month, a notable improvement compared to last month’s growth rate of 1.5%. This suggests that the new paid verification tier may have contributed positively to the acquisition of new followers.

  1. Post Interactions: A Downward Trend

Analyzing post interactions, I noticed a 30.7% decrease this month, with a total of 1,775 interactions. This reduction highlights the need for creators to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of investing in paid verification, considering the negative impact it may have on overall user interactions.

  1. Average Likes per Post: A Silver Lining

On a positive note, the average number of likes per post increased from 115 in the previous month to 145 this month. This implies that while the overall reach and engagement may have decreased, the quality of engagement (in terms of likes) has improved for those who interacted with the content.

The $24 Question: Is the Blue Tick Worth It?

Considering the cost of the paid verification tier is $24, the question remains: Is the notoriety of a blue tick worth the investment? With the mixed results, it’s tough to provide a definitive answer. However, I’ll leave you with some food for thought.

On the one hand, the blue tick could increase your credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of your followers, leading to better long-term engagement.

On the other hand, the decreased engagement and reach experienced during the test might not justify the cost, especially if these trends continue.

Ultimately, the decision to continue with the paid verification tier is up to you. It’s essential to consider your specific goals and priorities when weighing the pros and cons of this investment.

Should I continue to pay the $24 and test the effectiveness?

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