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Course Bundle – Drone Pack

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Course - Drone Basics

I think it goes a little something like this:

  1. You've just bought that new drone,
  2. You take it out for it's maiden voyage,
  3. You fly up 100m,
  4. You spin in a circle,
  5. You marvel at how awe-inspiring the view is,
  6. Now what?

1000's of YouTube videos, flashy promotional clips, banger instagram shots. You've seen what the Pro's create, lets arm you with the tools you need to start your aerial journey.

Course - Shooting Basics

So you have a brand new camera in your hands and are ready to start shooting, but where to first? It can be overwhelming to realise how many options there are for operating your camera, but there's no need to learn them all at once.

Here is a handy starter guide to get you started on your exciting photography journey with your new camera, whether that's a fancy DSLR or a portable iPhone.

Course - Editing Basics

Sliders, Highlights, Auto Adjust, Saturation...

What do they mean and where do we begin? We all love to use fancy words, but why are they important?

Lets grasp these concepts and understand what they do and how we can use them to our advantage.

I'll break down what all the most commonly used editing sliders do, in simple to understand language. Plenty of visual examples to better illustrate what they do.

Whether you use Photoshop, Lightroom, Darkroom, Snapseed, or anything in between. They will all use these basic principles to manipulate a photo.

Course - Composition

Arguably one of the most important aspects of photography, it is the way in which the image and its elements interact with each other.

Although the possibilities are almost virtually endless, learn the basics to tell a story whether you're shooting out in the field or reframing your shots back in the studio.

Course - Sky Replacement

Blue Skies, Pretty Skies, Bright Skies.

Ever been in the right place, but the wrong time? The composition is perfect, the subject matter is incredible, but the sky is dull and grey?

Continue to take those shots and use the power of Photoshop to brighten the image and automatically replace the boring greys with bright sunrises or sunsets.

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