The Creative Corner

Welcome to my Creative Corner, a place where I can share my knowledge, tips and techniques with you on all things photography.

Through the years I’ve trawled through thousands of articles, watched countless hours of Youtube tutorials and made more mistakes than you can imagine.

Over time I’ve been able to develop an understanding of how a photo is composed, how it’s captured, how its edited and then how it’s published.

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Make no mistake, I’m no expert. But I’ve been able to distill complex problems into easy to digest nuggets of information that even a beginner can understand. I have left out the experts either, we never stop learning and there’s always room to develop a new skills or pick up a new trick.

Ive developed a range of courses covering the fundamentals of photography, a crash course in drone flying and a few editing guides to take your photography to the next level.

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It’s impossible to give you a step by step guide to capture banging content, but I will give you a thorough understanding of my processes so you can craft your own style and shoot awe inspiring scenes.

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A huge range of beginner courses with plenty more to come.

  • Basic Camera skills and common features
  • Composition and shooting techniques
  • Drone skills from shooting to editing
  • Editing techniques, both beginner and advanced

All course participants will gain HUGE discounts on my digital asset files to further develop your skills and portfolio. Assets include:

  • Replacement skies to change boring greys to bright sunsets
  • Atmospheric brush bundles, to add extra depth in Photoshop
  • My most used photo presets to give my edits a base
  • Framing template to easily prepare your images on a backdrop

Most definitely. Sometimes it’s easier to just chat a subject or issue through. All course participants gain 25% off all 1 on 1 sessions, so rest assured you can drop by any time to chat 1 on 1. Nothing is off limits, let’s run through your images and problems and come to a solution.

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Here’s a sample, or view more here


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