The Great Instagram Experiment: How Posting Frequency Affects Your Account Reach

As someone absolutely dictated by the numbers, I know how important it is to build a strong presence on social media and gain the validation of your peers. In a recent experiment, I decided to test the impact of posting frequency on my accounts Reach, Engagement, and Growth on Instagram. Here’s what I discovered.

The Experiment:

In January, I posted once a day, while in February I posted every two days.

The Results:

  • Account reach:
    In February, my account’s reach decreased by 55% compared to January, with only 13,857 accounts reached.
  • Profile visits:
    I had a 30% reduction in profile visits in February, down to 571 visits.
  • Engagement:
    1,010 accounts engaged with my posts in February, which was down 41.5% compared to January.
  • Interactions:
    I had 2,700 post interactions in February, which was down 38.1% compared to January.
  • Follower growth:
    My followers grew by 1.5% in February, compared to 2.4% in January.
  • Average likes:
    My average likes in February were 124 likes, compared to January, which was 136 likes.

As you can see, consistency is key in Instagram. The more you post, the more audience interaction you’ll receive.

While posting less frequently may seem like a time-saver, the data shows that it can significantly impact your account’s reach, engagement, and interactions. It’s crucial to maintain a regular posting schedule to stay in front of your audience.

So, if you’re looking to grow your account, consider increasing your posting frequency and keeping your content fresh and engaging.

Take all these numbers with a grain of salt, I am in no way qualified enough to give advice. But, numbers don’t lie!

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